Ainprard Poland Sp. z o.o. specializes in providing services in the field of employment and residence legalization.
We can help you find a good job and consult on all possible topics of legal work and life in a foreign country.
We can establish a well prospering business in Poland for potential investors willing to expand and grow.


Our company specializes in employment and legalization abroad. We assist and help to find employment in Poland and other European countries. All of our associated Employers  are continuously interested to provide job placements.


We employ selected employees and delegate them to perform work in a specific position in our associated companies and factories. We have a profound experience in cooperation with the largest companies as well as smaller, fast-developing ones.


Are you an investor? Do you want to register a company in Poland? We know all available forms of businesses. Poland is open for development and welcomes foreign investment and immigrants. By registering a stable company and setting up great goals, it opens door to do business in the whole EU.


Regardless of what business idea it is, for sure it needs a good start and it has to be maintained. Our marketing specialists will look after its growth, finding first customers, promotion within local community, whole country, other European countries, internationally to be recognizable brand.

Corporate Law & Business Investment

We have many years of consultancy experience in the all areas of business planning and development. We strive to achieve the following: develop, empower, enable and maintain.

We are here to help you! Our mission is to provide the client with the best services possible, and help with any problems and laws required to get through a business formation processes. We have extensive experience in auditing financial statements for companies of various sizes and activity profiles. Our services are tailored to the expectations and needs of the clients interested to join us. We support in matters related to Business Planning; Company Formation; Finding Personel; Book Keeping; Tax Advisory and more…

Work Permit Process

According to Polish law every foreigner willing to work in Poland must legalize their employment. One of the way to do this is to obtain work permit (Zezwolenie na pracę). The most common work permit in Poland is the one called work permit type A.

Entrust Jobs

We have jobs for skilled and semi-skilled workers, as well as general labourers. Check our available job offers below.

Residence Card Applications

Anyone who comes to Poland for a long period of time to work or study, after learning about the existence of such a thing as a Residence Card in Poland, hurries to change their visa for a Polish Residence Permit.

Lawyer Consulting

AINPRARD Poland Sp. z o.o. is a company working in the legal field and has its own specialists. Our lawyers work with foreigners to help in matters of legalizing their lives abroad or with legal employment or studies in Poland.

Documents​ Preparation

Our lawyers know all the nuances of obtaining documents for legalization, obtaining work permit, temporary and permanent residence card. We know what documents are necessary for admission to a higher educational institutions in Poland and much more.

Citizenship of Poland

Polish citizenship can be granted to any foreigner who submitted an application to the President of the Republic of Poland. In Poland you may have dual citizenship, so you will not have to renounce the citizenship of your country of origin.

Our website is frequented visited by people from all over the world. They may be far apart and experienced in different areas, but they have one thing in common – their interest in doing business or working in Poland.

Ainprard Poland Sp. z o.o specializes in factory workers recruitment. General Labour for physical jobs. All candidates will be interviewed on Skype.

You should know that your first contact with the employer very often will take place via your CV.

Below you can find some questions you may be asked at your job interview.

Tell us something about yourself.
Why do you want to work at our company?
Have you ever worked before in your country or any other?
Tell us something about your previous jobs.
Do you have any certificates or recommendation letters?
Are we the only company where you have sent your CV now?
How much would you like to be paid?
Which country would you like to go to work?
How many hours a day can you work?
How long would you like to stay and work in Poland?
How long is your passport valid for?
Have you ever been to Europe before?
Do you have any family or relatives in Poland or any other European country?
Would you like to bring your family to Europe to lice with you?
Which part of Poland would you like to live in? In a big city or small town or countryside?

You can also ask questions at the end of the interview.

The administrator of your personal data is Ainprard Poland Sp. z o.o. Your personal data will be processed only for the purpose of handling your inquiry for as long as it is necessary. You have the right to access your data, correct them, delete them, limit the processing of the data, object to the processing of the data, and to transfer your personal data. You can also submit a complaint to the controlling institution. Submitting your personal data is voluntary, but it is necessary for the handling of your inquiry. Legal basis: personal data processing is necessary to take action requested by the person whom the data refer to before a contract can be signed. if you have any questions regarding the processing of your data by us, please contact our data protection officer at info@ainprard.pl


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