One of the  ways to visit Poland is to visit one of your friends or relatives on the territory of Poland.

If you have Polish friends or foreign friends who live in Poland for more than five years, you have the opportunity to receive a guest invitation to visit Poland. The duration of such an invitation can be from a week to a year. The main requirement is to confirm the inviting party’s ability to ensure your stay in Poland for the entire duration of the validity of the guest visa. The deadline for receiving such an invitation depends on the number of applicants and ranges from a week to a month.

It is also possible to obtain a tourist visa. On the basis of such an invitation, you also have the opportunity to travel throughout the territory of the Schengen area, since Poland is a participant in the Schengen agreement. The only downside is that within half a year you have the opportunity to stay in the territory of Poland (or another country in the Schengen zone) only for the period of up to 90 days. A guest visa makes it possible to stay on Polish territory for the period indicated in the visa.

The Schengen visa is also issued on the basis of documents confirming the relationship between you and the inviting party. But it can also be an unfamiliar person who agrees to help you get a visa to Poland that meets all the requirements of Polish law and has enough money to prove their ability to invite and provide for another person. Invitations of this type are either provided by the citizens of Poland, the EU, or the citizens of another country legally residing on the Polish territory for five years, as well as having a residence permit. The inviting party can be also legal entity e.g. any company.

For people working in the business sphere it is always very important to have contacts and maintain relations with foreign partners. Often it is necessary to visit different countries for this. At the moment, for traveling abroad for business purposes, visa is also required. A business visa is a Schengen visa, which can only be issued in relation to an official visit to a commercial company from Poland. Such visas are of several types: one-time, two-time and multiple, depending on the need for staying abroad. Such visas exist specifically for businessmen who have the need to make business trips for the purpose of cooperation and establishing relations with foreign firms. Business visa to Poland also gives permission to be on the territory of the Schengen zone, but does not give the right to work legally, throughout the validity of the visa.

For such a trip, you need an official written invitation from a legal entity. The business invitation must include the name and surname of the applicant, the date of birth, the citizenship, the purpose of the trip and the expected date, passport number.


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