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We specialize in assisting foreign companies and individuals with their business in Poland. We are open to all ideas and suggestions. Our team composed of professionals from Consulting, Business Evaluation, Marketing and Management is available to study your projects. We can provide effective business solutions to our clients.


Before we can start our expertise in the best business solutions, we need to understand your business concept. While we cannot expect to become an expert in a few days, we can quickly learn, research and understand our clients’ business models and evaluate it under what circumstances they have the best chance of success.


We always stay in close contact with our clients, warning them of any difficulties we have encountered in the process of working on their projects. We want to help them to achieve their goals. We aim to have our clients appreciate that what we do is worth what they pay. We will do whatever is deemed necessary for the business success! We take the time to understand our client’s existing business model and route to the Polish market.


Our consultants are familiar with the way of doing business in Poland and will support you during any meetings and negotiations. Negotiations are a complex aspect of conducting business on an international scale and many foreign business professionals coming to Central Europe find it challenging to communicate with local partners.


In order to understand the challenges and opportunities on the market, what we usually do first is Market Opportunity Assessment that includes deep reviews and research. Before investing time and effort in trying to set up your business in Poland, it may be worth checking whether there is a market for it.


Depending on the nature of the investment planned, we can provide a full range of services to assist and direct.
Business planning; Product or service description; Office/land search; Overview of market opportunities; Market trends and client requirements analysis; Make cash flow forecasts; Check the profitability; List main competitors or competing products or services; Comparison of market prices; Check expected prices;


Registration of a company; Finding suppliers; Organize transport; Receive and check order; Sales and distribution channels; Assist in negotiations; Provide translation and interpretation; Translation of documents; Provide Polish-English interpretation; Find the potential clients; Employee search and selection; Bookkeeping and payroll; Relevant legislation and tax issues.
We can take care of this!


We ask the fundamental question “Can you make money here?”. It does not always make sense to assume that there will be a market in Central Europe for every product or service. The purpose of this research is to save our client money by honestly assessing their chance of succeeding in the market.

Company Set Up

Setting up a Private Limited Company (spółka z o.o.) in Poland requires the following activities:

1. Registration in notary’s office.
Minimal Stock capital is 50 000,- PLN. Partners submit it in cash or as a contribution.
The agreement of the Private Limited Company must be notarized. By stock capital of 50 000,- PLN the notary’s fee is about 1 800,- PLN.
2. Registration In the National Court Register (KRS).
The registration requires: application for registration in the National Court Register, Memorandum of Association, notarized signature patterns of Members of the Board, tenancy agreement. The fee for registration in National Court Register is about 1500 PLN.
3. Enrollment in Statistical Office.
4. Enrollment in Inland Revenue Service – application for VAT-ID number and VAT registration (170 PLN).
5. Enrollment in Social Insurance Institution.
Private Limited Company is entitled to keep books (full accounting).

Poland offers temporary residence to business investors who want to start a business in the country. It basically requires the investors to set up a business activity and demonstrate that they can generate at least 15,000 EUR of income a year to be eligible for a temporary residence permit.

After 3 years of holding the temporary permit, the foreigner can apply for permanent residence in Poland. After 3 years of permanent residence, the foreigner can apply for naturalization into Polish citizenship.

The Polish passport guarantees freedom of movement in the European Union and visa-free travel to the U.S.

Most popular types of companies are:
1) Limited Liability Company
2) Limited Partnership

Note: A foreigner who wants to establish one of the mentioned partnerships or companies does not have to legalize a stay in Poland and apply for a work permit in Poland. Such a foreigner is the owner of a company and does not have to physically reside in Poland. The person who will actually conduct business activity in Poland is, for instance, a company director or employee. Every business has to have at least two employees who are Polish citizens. In case the director is a foreigner, has to apply for a permit to work in Poland and have grounds for residence in Poland.

Members of the family of foreign persons to whom international agreements apply and who can take up a business activity in the form of a limited partnership or limited liability company, holding a residence permit for a specified or unspecified period, may undertake and conduct business based jobs on the same principles as those foreigners.

Citizenship by investment is also possible at the discretion of the government. It’s not a straightforward process, but in the past investors that had invested above 1M EUR into the Polish economy were able to receive expedited naturalization.

Choose the perfect plan

The below investment amounts are speculated, as it depends on the business idea and its scope.


Investment Capital

  • Business Plan
  • Company Formation
  • Documents Support
  • Realization


Investment Capital

  • Business Plan
  • Company Formation
  • Documents Support
  • Realization


Investment Capital

  • Business Plan
  • Company Formation
  • Documents Support
  • Realization

We present to you the potential investment of Poland, emphasizing, in particular, the advantages, which are well-prepared investment sites. At the same time, we want to show the range of investment opportunities offered by Poland.
The country is considered one of the business leaders not only in Central and Eastern Europe but in the entire European Union.

Poland with the surface covering 312 679 km2 takes 9th place in Europe in terms of size, and it’s one of the biggest countries of Central and Eastern Europe region. This size allows investors to be flexible when choosing the best locations for their future business. An additional advantage of the country is its strategic location which allows Poland to be a link between Western and Eastern Europe.

The most developing cities in Poland are Warszawa, Krakow, Poznan, Tri-City, but we are also open to smaller cities where opening a business can be also very attractive, because of lower costs involved. We can help you to install your office everywhere in Poland.

Poland really stands out for investment attractiveness!
It managed to avoid recession during the crisis and used this tumultuous time to strengthen the position in the region and the world.

Investment possibilities here were appreciated by the investors from Germany, UK and the US. Investors pointed to Poland as the most attractive country in the region for placing investments. German investors appreciated in particular, the availability of skilled labour, as well as the productivity and motivation of Polish workers. Whats more the investors value the stability of the Polish political scene and some of the best opportunities for the development in the region. The same opinion is shared by investors all over the world.

Research conducted by global organizations clearly demonstrates that it is time for Poland. The country stands out not only in the immediate vicinity of the neighbours from Central and Eastern Europe but more and more effectively competes with the countries of Western Europe.

It’s your dream to have own and well prosperous company! but … you are afraid of failure and the risk associated with introducing it to the market. We have an offer you can’t refuse! We can fulfill your dream and make your company from the beginning to be successful and bring the expected profits thanks to the franchise. Franchising is your own business, but operating under the name of a reputable and already recognized brand on the market.

If you feel that you have an excellent, unique idea for a company – e.g. you came up with a service that no one has yet provided or a new product needed by everyone – it’s worth the chance to start your own business. Although, of course, coming up with a golden idea is rare. In addition, an entrepreneur who decides to run his own business must be characterized by exceptional patience, much greater than in the case of franchise businesses, where the maximum level of turnover can be achieved after a year of work. Smart business ideas are usually short-term in nature and after meeting demand, creative businessmen are looking for a new profitable business to open.

However, if you can’t come up with any wonderful idea, and you feel strong enough to run the company, and the bank has accumulated capital, it is worth considering running a business based on one of the franchise concepts. The choice is huge, it covers all possible industries, investment amounts range from several thousand to several million. The main advantage of franchising is that you buy a proven idea on which someone has already earned.

Residency by Investment is a program offered by the Government of Poland which allows non-belongers of Poland the opportunity to acquire a Residency by making a financial contribution to the country and proving to be of good health and good character.

It is called “Government Program for Supporting Investments of Major Importance to the Polish Economy for the Year 2020“.
The aim of the program is to enhance the innovativeness and competitiveness of the Polish economy by supporting new investments made by Polish and foreign enterprises. Polish Government provides facilitation for SERIOUS investors!

Another attractive option, especially for regions of Eastern Poland is the possibility of granting support to the productive investments in regions where the unemployment rate is the highest.

When deciding to invest in Poland, companies get access to the vibrant internal market, well-prepared investment sites, ever-expanding road and rail infrastructure and friendly investment atmosphere.

Polish local authorities are characterized by a favourable approach to investors and are keen to work on new projects while providing assistance to companies already operating.

Attractive start-up costs and the investment grants and incentives offered in Poland’s Special Economic Zones make the country a good location for manufacturing companies.

Some of the main manufacturing sectors in Poland are:
– the domestic appliances and electronics sector;
– the automotive sector;
– aviation industry.
– coal, petroleum, gas
– Research and development
– Biotechnology
– Textiles
– Tobacco
– IT services, financial services, accounting and other back-office services

Poland is very well positioned as a passenger and commercial vehicle manufacturer. Also, the country is a productive supplier of automotive components.
The cost of production remains lower in Poland when compared to other countries.
Poland has one of the fastest-growing economies in Europe and it offers a large domestic market for foreign investors.

The food and beverage manufacturing industry is also very well developed. This particular industry has had steady growth rates and the country remains the one to have the top agriculture and processed foods industry in Central and Eastern Europe, and also one of the largest in the EU.

Opening a company in the manufacturing sector is subject to certain conditions, depending on the particular manufacturing industry, as well as a number of general steps.
1. Choose the type of company: the Polish limited liability company is used both by local and foreign investors because the founders are only liable up to their capital investment in the business.
2. Draw up the company documents: the Articles of Association and the Memorandum contain all the relevant information about the company, its type, founders, scope and registered address.
3. Comply with the capital requirements: the minimum share capital for the Polish company needs to be deposited in a Polish bank account opened with a bank of choice.
4. Appointing the directorship: the management board, as well as the directors, need to be appointed.
5. Register: the registration of the company is made with the National Court Register; upon completion, the company receives an identification number.
6. Others: subsequent steps include applying for special permits and licenses as well as making the relevant tax and social security registrations.

Our team can provide investors with complete details on how to open a company in Poland and our tax specialists can offer detailed information on the taxes payable by companies in the manufacturing industry and in other business sectors.

Frequently asked questions

Poland has a good foreign investment policy and welcomes foreign entrepreneurs. The Special Economic Zones are the best indicator that the Government is taking steps for encouraging foreign companies.

The limited liability company, the joint-stock company, general partnership, limited liability partnership, limited partnership, limited joint-stock partnership, civil partnership or sole proprietorship are all available business forms in Poland.

Yes. A registered office is needed for any company incorporated in Poland.

After choosing the appropriate company type the business owner must find a suitable and available business name. The company must be registered at the Polish Trade Register and it must also be registered for VAT purposes.

The minimum share capital for a limited liability company is 5,000 PLN while for a joint-stock company this capital is larger, at 100,000 PLN. Certain types of partnerships in Poland will also require a minimum share capital.

The company representative must provide company documents in order to open a bank account for the company. The process can be done online for most banks in Poland and the administration fees for the account will vary according to the chosen bank.

Permits, licenses or authorizations are needed for certain activities.

The corporate income tax in Poland has a rate of 19%. Other Polish taxes include the real property tax, capital duty, stamp duty, transfer tax and others.

The company incorporation process can last 30 days, at most. With the help of our team of Polish company formation consultants you can begin business activities as soon as possible.

Poland is attractive for foreign investors because of its economic stability, large consumer market and a favorable location in Europe. The Special Economic Zones are uniquely designed to provide the most advantageous business environment and incentives.


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