Anyone who comes to Poland for a long period of time to work or study in Poland, after learning about the existence of such a thing as a card in Poland (residence permit), hurries to change their visa for a Polish residence permit.

And yet, what is the residence card?

It is a document that confirms the identity of a person during their stay in Poland. It is issued on the basis of work, study or official relations with a citizen of Poland, etc.

The residence card (residence permits) is a permission for a foreigner to legally reside on the territory of Poland and the Schengen zone, without the need to have any other documents. It is not always the residence card (residence permit) that gives permission to work legally, but it is always legal to stay throughout the validity period of the card. Картинки по запросу karta pobytu

There are three types of cards:

1) Temporary residence permit or temporary residence card. It is issued for 1 or 3 years if this is a work card and for 15 months, if you study in Poland. The reason for such a card is the work or study on the territory of Poland.

2) Permanent residence permit (previously settlement permit). Issued for 10 years, with the need to extend after the expiration date. The basis for such a card may be the presence of Polish roots or an official union with a citizen of Poland.

3) European Union resident card. Issued for a period of 5 years. The basis is staying, work and payment of taxes continuously for 5 years.

Having a Polish residence card (residence permit) you have the opportunity to:

– work legally on the territory of Poland,

– buy a property or a car,

– you do not need to renew your visa,

– You will have the opportunity to apply and have more chances to obtain a visa to the United States.

– You have the opportunity to travel freely throughout the territory of the Schengen zone.

– You can also cross the border repeatedly.

In order to obtain a Polish residence permit, you must either have a permanent official work in Poland, or be a student in a full-time Polish university, or be married to a Polish citizen.

It should be taken into account that the process of obtaining a residence permit (a residence permit card) is quite long and very strict. Your documents are checked by many authorities and there is even criminal liability for false testimony. Therefore, it is necessary to approach the process of obtaining a residence permit with caution, and if possible, to entrust this matter to professionals.


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