According to Polish law every foreigner willing to work in Poland must legalize their employment. One of the ways to do this is to obtain a work permit (Zezwolenie na pracę). The most common work permit in Poland is the one called work permit type A.

It includes information on the company entrusting work to the foreigner and position or type of work which foreigner is to perform, the term of validity as well as foreigner’s personal data. An employer shall ensure remuneration for the foreigner that shall not be lower than that paid to employees carrying out similar work or working at a similar position.

If a foreigner wants to change jobs they will need a new work permit. TO DO IT TAKES TIME AND MIGHT AFFECT THE TRC APPLICATION!!!

It is the employer entrusting the foreigner with the execution of work that applies for a work permit for the foreigner. The issuing authority is Voivode competent for the seat/ place of residence of the employer.

The work permit is issued in three copies: one remains in the Voivodship Office and the other two are passed to the employer who is then required to provide one copy to the foreigner for whom it is issued.

The work permit is issued for a specific period of time, but not longer than for three years. MOST OF THE CASES FOR 1 YEAR!!! and can be extended based on TRC.


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